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Polytechnic University of the Philippines' Traverse

With its desire to serve students, PUP-JME Junior Marketing Executives of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines Manila, yet again manage to organize a successful event, equipping students with the knowledge needed for the industry. The organization inaugurated its annual seminar event "TRAVERSE: Transporting into the World of Marketing Advancement" last January 21, 2020. The branding for this year's seminar was future and advancements.


The event was open for all marketing students of PUP and several partner organizations from other universities. The seminar talks about empowerment, advancements, and development in the industry.


Talks by the prominent speakers, Ms. Cherry Anne Valencia, Mr. Rj Ledesma, and Mr. Carlo Ople inspired the students to look forward to the future and empowered themselves in the corporate world.


The audiences were also energized by the performances of guest performers JAMBAYAN (Composed of performances from Maria Rafaela Inah Dig, Simon Angelo Miguel Cruz, and Mantra), duo singers Binary, and Julian Trono. The event ended successfully and was made possible due to the JME's generous sponsors and in partnership with JackTV.